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My Entrepreneurship Story - Silicon Valley Part 1

On Elim Chew TV - Change Maker Series. Part 1. Filmed last year in Oct 2016 on location at Codigo Pte Ltd.

Chatting about my adventure and journey as a tech entrepreneur in the earlier years. I shared about the birth of SilkRoute Ventures, which I co-founded with Hoo Shao Pin in 1994, Singapore's first Internet company. SilkRoute went on to become one of the most prominent leading companies of the Internet industry in the 1990s, spinning off several other internet companies including ECnet, Latitude, SilkRoute Capital, and Tricast (Asia Content). It also spawned many tech entrepreneurs whom had worked, partnered and collaborated with us - inspired by our vision to create the digital silkroute of the 21st Century and enable e-commerce.

Thanks for having me on your show and all the best for being a "Force for Good" Elim - I am rooting for you and your new adventure!


"While I was the chief spokesman and focus of the media, nothing happens in a startup without a great team. All that we achieved in SilkRoute, ECnet and our group of net companies was due to the awesome team of Mak Chee Wah (CFO), Kirpal Singh Sidhu (COO), Felix Tan (Director Biz Dev't), Leong Choong Cheng (co-founder ECNet), Chui Fung Yee (Corp Dev't), Yew Tuck Wai (CEO, Latitude), Dawn Tan (Finance), Ng Aik Phong (BD), James Hatcher (US), Oguchi (Jpn), KV Soon (Mal), Mohan Mirwani (BD) and of course my co-founder of SilkRoute Ventures Hoo Shao Pin and advisor Jek Kian Jin. Last but not least by any count, the all inspiring Philip Yeo. There were many more heroes that when I have more time, will take the effort to list. Apologies for now to all but always grateful." - TK

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