My Entrepreneurship Story - Ben & Jerry's Part 2

On Elim Chew TV - Change Maker Series. Part 2. Filmed on location at Codigo Pte Ltd.

On my journey post tech startup days to seeking true happiness and building a company culture of happiness. This was when we brought the super fun lovin' Ben & Jerry's ice cream brand to Singapore and made it a house-hold name and #1 brand against the incumbent and long time favourite Haagen Daaz - then owned by business tycoon Ong Beng Seng.

By championing a culture of happy people, happy service - our super team created such a happy in-store experience that made many fans for the Ben & Jerry's brand. Our service culture was often talked about and replicated by many others in the industry - competitors included! It inspired many new indie ice cream entrepreneurs that now make the Singapore ice cream scene so much more sweet!

Having sold the Ben & Jerry's operation after a decade last year, the spirit of Ben & Jerry's of "doing good while doing well" remains in me. As I go back to participating in the Internet 3.0 through our venture company FarSight Capital, we aim to amplify this force for good in every investment we make.

I like to thank my chief partner in joy Chan Wee Tiong, and many key team members including Fung Yee, Dawn Tan, Edmund Arriola, Jolene, Eugene, Ling Ling, Janice, Charmaine, XJ, Lan Qing, Jon, Shu Ying, Azlyna, Rachel, Keith, Samuel, Don, many managers and happy staff, as well as the hundred of very special scoopers we auditioned, trained and who served with such happiness to all our ben & jerry fans. Special mention also to Rene and Caroline of Unilever! A big "love, peace and happiness" shout-out to all of you!